We are utmost dedicated to all our stakeholders, and have some of the brightest minds in the industry, constantly devising new ways to make the learning process better and more efficient than ever!

At SkillAcademee, teaching is not just a service. For our trainers and us, it is a shared commitment and a subject of utmost pride and a moment of showing to the world that we are here to add value to the lives of all our stakeholders- the professionals who trust us and the trainers who build a relationship with us.

In addition, we have put significant years of deep study on effective teaching pedagogy and methodologies and the same is integrated in the manner we recruit, train and design processes and mechanisms for effective teaching.

Please be assured that, we at SkillAcademee, take extra efforts to ensure that your learning is not compromised.

We will quench your 'Quest for Excellence!'

Experienced Faculty

Most of the trainers at SkillAcademee are working professionals themselves and are qualified enough to deliver the trainings designed. Who else would be familiar with the latest trends and the industry dynamics better than them!

Quality Content

We have invested significant number of hours, in designing the content with the help of industry experts to make sure that the content that we provide to our clients remains up-to-date, relevant and dynamic with the changing trends in the industry.

24x7 support at all times, without fail

We support your belief and zeal to excel and want to be a part of your growth story. Thus, we don’t just say it, but have made sure that we are always available to our clients at all times to resolve any query they might have with respect to the subject of the training.

Live Sessions on Mobiles

Technologies we have invested in ensure that, the sessions that we conduct, can be attended by the student from preferred locations, using their own preferred device- computers, tablets or mobile devices.

Dynamic Learning Management Tools

The tools we have designed ensure that the participant at any point of time can judge the extent of his understanding and knowledge and can evaluate it. The evaluation can range from a simplified object test to live case-study assessments and assignments or session notes.

Emphasis on Feedback

We are working day in and day out to provide superior user experience. We have proper feedback mechanisms and channels in place, that make sure that the participants’ feedback is duly reported.

Access to previous recordings

We understand that constant revision of previous subjects is the ideal way for a participant to build his/her concepts. We make available to the participants- at their request- the recorded sessions of the training, just in case they have missed any session or hold a desire to attend any of the pre-recorded session again.

Live Audio-Visual even with low Internet bandwidth

We realise the importance of a hassle-free connection between the participant and the facilitator of the training. Thousands of professionals residing in distant corners of the world, without high speed internet network have attended and found our services and trainings beneficial, something we are truly proud of!

Internationally Acclaimed Certification

At the end of the course you will receive an industry-recognised certificate from SkillAcademee Learning Solutions, a leading international trainings provider, that will certainly help you achieve personalised career growth. Climbing the organisational hierarchy would have never been easier!