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    Senior Business Analyst, Venture Capital

    I am extremely thrilled to have come across the courses offered by SkillAcademee and team. Taking trainings from this organization has definitely helped me immensely in my career.

    Associate, Taxation & Auditing

    The content offered is extremely relevant and it definitely shows that they have worked really hard to make it the same. In short, SkillAcademee would never compromise on the quality of the content.

    Sales Strategist, FMCG Industry

    The content and the trainers are top notch. I would surely give them a thumbs up for their efforts to make the training a memorable experience.

    Associate, Consulting

    It was a pleasant experience. A piece of advise, they should have more assessments and quizzes included in their material.

    Student, Pursuing masters in FInance

    They pay special attention in making sure that all the doubts are cleared. Team at SkillAcademee is dedicated to providing a better experience to the participants.

    Private Equities Associate, Private Equity

    The difference between them and their competitors is the emphasis they lay on the providing a practical and hands on experience to the participant. In my opinion, at the end, that makes all the difference!

    Senior Associate, Consulting

    The class is extremely interactive and the content is comprehensive. As the trainers are from the same field, they have working knowledge of what they are teaching.

    Senior Associate, Auditing

    I was a little critical of their services initially. But after attending all their lectures I can say that I will definitely go ahead for their other trainings offered as well.

    Manager- Digital Marketing, Advertising

    They begin their trainings from the fundamentals. So for a newcomer to the field of marketing like me, the course gave me a fresh push towards my desired career path.

    Junior Quantitative Analyst, Investment Banking

    The trainers are awesome. They are extremely knowledgeable and patient with the participants. They take special efforts to clear all the queries that the participants might have.

    Associate Principal, Taxation & Auditing

    The training I took from SkillAcademee has encouraged me to explore this domain. It’s been an interesting experience and I will recommend the institute to anybody who is looking for such trainings on Financial Modeling in my circle.

    Marketing Manager, Public Relations

    The study material and the content and the complimentary videos they provide are really helpful.

    Strategy & Operation, Real Estate

    The capability of the trainer and his knowledge was overwhelming. I can apply whatever I learnt in the class at my workplace. The Financial Modeling training delivered by them was a wonderful experience on the whole.

    Business Analyst, Auditing

    The classroom course on Financial modeling was a brilliant experience. It was a refresher course & was extremely informative at the same time. Also, it was a great opportunity to interact with professionals from similar backgrounds as myself.

    Product Marketing Manager, IT

    Adequate number of examples are included in the content to make it organized. The training sessions are very exciting.

    Business Intelligence, IT

    This was my first experience with online trainings. I will recommend this course to my peers.

    Manager- Analytics Division, IT

    I feel my decision to associate myself with SkillAcademee was correct. Special mention to the patience and knowledge of the trainer.

    Junior Associate, Consulting

    10/10 to the team and the trainer for all the efforts to make the training livelier and interesting for the students. The pace of the training and the content was perfect to facilitate a better learning and communication process.

    Senior Manager, Advertising

    Great content!

    Business Development Manager, Advertising

    The trainer was very patient to cover the entire content and clarify the doubts and queries. A wonderful experience!

    Consultant, IT

    The course has been structured brilliantly to ensure continuous learning experience.

    Management Consultant

    Usage of relevant and real life case studies made all the difference.


    The faculty and the support team is awesome!

    Business Analyst, investments

    Well the training was very systematic, very efficient instructor having excellent positivism throughout.

    Associate, Consulting

    The content was well paced and gave the insights that I in particular was looking forward to grasp from the training. Great work!

    Business Development, IT

    The knowledge of training with his clear communication made learning sessions effective and worth it. Thanks SkillAcademee!

    Senior Marketing Associate, Public Relations

    The support team response to your query as soon as possible. Making it handy for me and brush up my skills.

    Product Marketing Manager, FMCG

    Decent enough. I would recommend them to include few more methodologies in their course structure.

    Financial Analyst, Taxation & Auditing

    Never fells that I have done enough course from SkillAcademee keep on coming to enhance my skill. Kudos!!!!


    The course started from very basic going in depth and helped me a great deal to get my hands on finance excel

    Associate, Risk Management

    So, the entire session was so interactive and the faculty explained all the concepts and contents brilliantly in a simple way the real life exposure in the session is the platform to enhance the skill.

    Manager- Analytics Division, IT

    The feeling I got through the session is that a lot of effort has gone in developing the content. The layout of the course is impressive.

    Management Consultant

    Appropriate examples suiting the content are explained throughout the entire session

    Business Intelligence, IT

    Great online sessions to learn from. I would definitely recommend this to all.

    Sales Executive Consulting, E-commerce

    The experience was enlightening for me with SkillAcademee.


    Trainer 's command on the subject was commendable leading in to be very informative,comprehensive and practical workshop. Good that I enrolled myself for it

    Quantitative Analyst, Private Equity

    The best part is that the complimentary videos they provide to make this learning process ever more knowledgeable.

    Associate Field Marketing Manager, FMCG

    The session was knowledgeable on Financial Modelling that I took up from SkillAcademee. And I would recommend them to add Real Estate and something in Investment Banking but still Bravo!!!

    Portfolio Manager, Private Equity

    It was a very pleasant learning experience over all.


    They surely do match up with the level of expectation and surely do put in efforts to enhance my overall learning experience.

    Manager- Marketing Analytics & Reporting, Healthcare

    Thank you! It was Rea awesome to see that the session was interactive and all my queries got sorted as soon as possible. Bang on!


    Superb training all with really chilled out trainer having commendable command on his communication skills and so full with knowledge. Excellent content to top it all. Great treasurable experience.


    The course has been designed well. I personally enjoyed the whole training session.

    Research Analyst, Consulting

    Excellent trainer for the session. But the trainer got changed for the last couple of sessions. Would love to attend these sessions again with the previous trainer. Please keep me updated!


    The live virtual mode is very interesting and effective in spite of the fact that I was sceptical enough to not pursue it first. Thanks a ton for pushing me into this great embedded pool of knowledge.


    An online session from SkillAcademee gives flexibility along with great deal of exposure to others thoughts. But I still feel that little tweaking is required in some places other then that it was quite an experience.

    Research Manager, Consulting

    Subjects like business analytics are extremely comprehensive and practical. The trainers paid special attention to making the sessions relevant, interesting and participatory at the same time. Today I have a good working knowledge of the subject and the modules that the trainer covered during the sessions.