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  • You can’t use the website in any disrespectful manner. The website should be used in lawfully and follow the Privacy Policy.
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  • Anybody with access to internet, can access and utilize the website or the content and services offered by the Entity. However, in any circumstances, the entity or its members cannot be held accountable for the costs & charges incurred by the use of any hardware or software or any internet charges. It is the responsibility of the user that all resources that facilitate the proper functioning of the services provided by the entity including the computer resources and the internet services, operate and function properly.
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  • The entity or its members must not be held accountable for any issues arising in the network or server or bandwidth issues, outside the control of the entity, that interrupt the continuous usage of the ‘company products’.

Guidelines Outlining the Usage of Website

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  • The user agrees to use the material (content & courseware) provided by the entity for personal and learning purposes only. The user will not indulge in any activities that violate the intellectual property rights or privacy, as mentioned in the agreement.
  • The user will not indulge in activities like the editing of the website’s source code or reverse engineering or hacking of the essential information on the website or its resources.
  • The user must not indulge in any spamming activities that affects the structure of the website or its resources.
  • Do not sell the services such as downloads, eBooks or liaise spam, advertise or phishing links.
  • You may not indulge with the content of the website such as copy, distribute or check plagiarism or user submitted content.

The user must not indulge in any activities that abuse the legal, regulatory or the government conditions or frameworks or anyone’s code of conduct of services.